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2008-09-20 06:08:58 by phsycofrog

hey all its phsycofrog.
i just got a drawing tablet! its pritty awesome and wireless so i can draw in flash very quickly. :P

in other news, myself and phsycotoad have started a video called FAIC VS. FAIC. it is start-stop animation type stick figure fight about the war between angry faic and ecstatic faic. it is our first newgrounds video so take it easy on us ng'ers when you review it. it will take awhile but i am determined to finish this co-production video.

support or your thoughts on the matter is very welcome.



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2008-09-20 06:42:07

I need a tablet :( hope to finish this collab with ya :)

phsycofrog responds:

:D you too


2008-10-11 17:22:46

How much did it cost? o_O

phsycofrog responds:

$200 new zealand. really good value! :D