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Crysis Collab?

2009-03-10 16:57:41 by phsycofrog

hey everyone.
first off nothings happening with music unless i can be stuffed. i do need help making a preloader because i gave it a go with the tutorials on the site but it got real stuffed up and all i need is some basic help. anyone that would be great.

Anyways! Crysis Collab. ive been thinking about this for a while but not so sure about it. To me it seems as if the average NGer has never played this because i have never seen any parodies directed at the game and theres much to make fun of! WTF! I dont know if anyone would be interestet. ita probably not gonna happen unless someone else picks it up.

in other news my good friend liquitech has made a new song called light year. check it out.

Crysis Collab?


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2009-03-10 18:14:44

If the collab hasn't been done before, even the more reason to do it. :) Haven't played the game myself, like much of the NG populace, it seems, though, but I'd still enjoy it.

phsycofrog responds:

yah well ill give you the basic over view: the games EXTREMELY glossy and photo like, the AI is stupid but fun to play with and your nanosuit voice gets annoying.