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from the other episodes just got cranked up a notch for 2009. your fluid animations lighting and plot speed. this original frame by frame comic book style i like very much! the only setback is the sound effects like lazers and jungle noises. theyre a bit overused but thats fine, be sure to submit the next in the series soon.

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wheres kirbopher??

other than that good work

it was bound to happen.

MAOR swine flashes! gif was funneh and a bit of effort. i would rathered u post this in the SUPER SECRET CLUBHOUSE not nugrounds.

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hmm interesting.

youve got a nice piece of ai there that follows the cube but its really shoddy and a really bad framerate. up your game!


i love zombie games and this was the best ive played on newgrounds so far! i cranked out my arch enemy music and went and conquored all the difficulties.

heres a few suggestions: co-p? this would be great for a co-op if you could somehow snag a server or 2. at somepoints its too easy, maybe you could make it longer with more maps, houses etc. the upgrades, there could be room for a whole lot more epic weapons like minigun, flamethrower and upgraded shotgun (shotgun is t3h ownz wif zombez!) the barricades, give them a health metre and more use against zombies i.e more health.

yeh so great game, bloonz owns and i cant wait for your next zombie game!

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fun for what it is

i found this game great to just relax and stuff but id think it would be easier if the red screen wasnt so red that it blocked out everything in your vision. still great game this should be featured on the front page.

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i love it cant wait to hear more

just keep doing what your doing, you're gonna make some badass tracks in the future.

Z-Tone responds:

yeah man you wont have to wait long;D

great rendition

you hit that eastern flavour spot on the mark, i dont quiet i agree with that synth you mixed in, but the electric guitar fitted so perfectly i barely noticed. you will either make moar or GTFO haha :P

very good!

the timing is good the instruments and note choice are wonderful, and the title is actually acurrate for once. i can actually see an old arabian night which is hard for me because i listen to so much mind numbing D&B. it ressembles prince of persia and i just can not stop listening to this.

its a perfect from me with out a doubt. keep it up.

Fadious responds:

fantastic!! XD
glad to read reviews from open minded people like u :)
thnx a lot m8

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pretty good man

i especially love the depth and vibrant colours. all i can ask for is a bit more detail in the sand. great work!

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raretools responds:

Thx alot :)

I saw wut u did ther!

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